A Whole-Body Approach to Health Care

You deserve the best in modern medicine. Dr. O’Meara remains on the cutting edge of medical technology; you will be listened to and treated as a whole person, whether for illness, injury, or routine exams.

One Provider for the Entire Family

Choosing a single health care provider for your whole family means simplifying your life. Dr. O’Meara treats all members of the family, from newborns to adults. He provides immunizations, preventative care, women’s health care, and school and sports physicals.

Workers' Compensation

Injured on the job? Dr. O’Meara provides treatment solutions tailored to your situation.

Osteopathic Back Care & Sports Medicine

If you have been living with accute or chronic spinal ailments, you owe it to yourself to remedy your pain. Dr. O’Meara can help, utilizing spinal manipulation. He also treats injuries related to sports and the work-place.

Punctual Personal Care

Dr. O’Meara is the only physician in his office and always treats patients himself. Because your time is valuable, you and your family will receive treatment shortly after arriving at the office, without the long waits typical of some doctors’ offices. He offers a 25% discount for cash payments, and a consistently friendly, professional atmosphere.

Early Morning Appointments Available

Dr. O’Meara’s office has early morning appointments available on Tuesdays and Fridays, starting at 7:00 a.m. to accommodate our patient’s busy schedules. We believe medical care should be not only punctual but it should also be convenient.